Thursday, May 12, 2016

Announcement! I'm Moving In With My Better Half

Okay, so some of you read this title and thought, what? She's married. Yes, I am. That's not the better half I'm referring to. I'm talking about this:

When I initially launched the pen name, Ashelyn Drake, I wanted to make sure I could stand on my own two feet as a romance author, separate from Kelly Hashway. Once I did that, I revealed that Ashelyn Drake and Kelly Hashway are the same person. And since then, I've been using the banner above to show that I'm still one person even though I write under two names. The problem is, I wasn't acting like one person.

I have separate Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and blogs for Kelly and Ashelyn. Why? My website, newsletter, and Instagram are for both names, so why aren't my other social media accounts?

From now on, they will be. I'm moving Ashelyn over to Kelly. You'll notice my Facebook page now has both names listed. As does my blog. Twitter won't allow enough characters to display both names, but you'll see this banner and Ashelyn's name appear in my bio.

Very soon, Ashelyn's accounts will disappear, so make sure you're following the new links below to stay up to date on my books:

Website Facebook

Look at that. Kelly and Ashelyn are truly merging into one author with two names, just like the slogan says. :)

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